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What is a Web Platform?

A web platform may be a web site that's accessed via applications program over the web or Associate in Nursing computer network.
In that sense an internet application is sort of a web site.
But an internet application is way additional powerful because it is dynamic, generally permits users to login, read and manage content, etc.
Examples of internet applications embody on-line banking systems, Google mail, client internet portals, Google docs, etc.
With internet development Associate in Nursing distinctive challenge is lack of management over the tools guests use to look at a web site.
Some advantages are:
- Improved SEO by making certain that search engines get all content
- Support for browsers on mobile devices, desktops and screens with larger resolutions





Web Development Overview


There square measure 2 broad divisions of web development – front-end development (also referred to as client-side development) and back-end development (also referred to as server-side development)
Front-end development refers to constructing what a user sees once they load an online application – the content, style and the way you move with it.
This is through with 3 codes – hypertext markup language, CSS and JavaScript.
HTML, short for Hyper Text language, could be a special code for ‘marking up’ text so as to show it into an online page.
Every online page on cyber web is written in hypertext markup language, and it'll kind the backbone of any net application.
CSS, short for Cascading vogue Sheets, could be a code for setting vogue rules for the looks of websites. CSS handles the cosmetic side of the web.
Finally, JavaScript could be a scripting language that’s wide accustomed add practicality and interactivity to websites.
Back-end development controls what goes on behind the scenes of an online application.
A back-end usually uses a information to come up with the front-end. Hire one of the best web development companies of India, TheDigiDevil.